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IMG_3521I was always one of those people who opted for a more holistic or natural remedy first. It just seemed to make most sense to me. So when I was introduced to Essential Oils at a Super Bowl party and heard about all its wonders, I knew I wanted to learn everything I could about them. I dove head first into learning how Essential Oils help our bodies do what they innately know how to do: heal. I learned how to properly use the oils, studied the science, tested them, began to share and educate others on the oils, and then cultivated all of that knowledge and experience into my business here. Every day I continue to educate myself and others on Essential Oils and absolutely love it!

At the time I was introduced to Essential oils, my son was two years old. The shock of a personal tragedy was just starting to wear off and crippling depression was starting to set in. Never in a million years could I have ever imagined I would be left alone to raise a beautiful child by myself and worse that our son would never know his own father. The accident took place when I was just 6 months pregnant. To say my son started off with a very unfair advantage is an understatement. The fears and challenges I faced with our predicament are almost too intense to put into words . . . However, through overwhelming heartache and a very long healing process, I became dedicated to providing the life for my son that I know we deserve. Through the love of my son, peace in my heart, my mentors, excellent health, and a lot of hard work our lives began to change for the positive in a very big way.

IMG_3486Our home has completely been altered in the way we live and promote wellness. Since we started using Essential Oils our doctors’ visits have nearly diminished, resulting in our health costs decreasing, my vacation time has increased, and we are overall more healthy, both physically and mentally, than ever before. I can honestly say one cannot put a price tag on feeling emotionally and physically fabulous! Believe me! I use Essential Oils for almost everything in our home from the smallest cuts and bruises, coughs, colds, fevers and the flu to successfully managing depression and my thyroid condition. I love DIY projects and make my own anti-aging creams to candles and soaps. I love that I can do so many things with the same product and THEY WORK!

Today, I continue to educate myself and others by teaching with laughter, awareness, integrity and compassion. I believe we are all capable of succeeding professionally and personally and have the health we want, no matter what our obstacles or circumstances are.

I can’t wait to talk Essential Oils with YOU!


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